Friday, 27 May 2016

Activity Roundup Time!

We have been quite busy. We went bowling (a group of 30 people), we have had Music Group, Science Clubs, and History/Geography Clubs, attended a National Brass Band Competition, went to visit an historic property, and our most recent trip was to the art gallery. We went to to see an exhibit called The Imitation Game. Here are some photos of our days out.

Only two people were allowed in the room at any time for this exhibit.  The wheelchairs interacted with the people in the room and communicated by printing off messages.  They also chased them around the room.

We had playdates in the park!  This is my favourite park to go to - look at that amazing cherry tree!

A nice visit to an historic property.  We took a break from the game we were playing to play in the natural playground:

Medical treatments used at the time this mill was operational.  There are leeches on that table!

A Science experiment showing light reflecting and refracting.  The test tube disappeared.  We also watched a coin disappear:


History and Geography group - this is a project on Egypt:

This is a national brass band contest.  Some of the children on the stage are or were home educated.  They are in a packed room performing a programme that they have been rehearsing.  Nothing to see here, just some invisible children making noise.