Saturday, 11 June 2016

Half Term Break

We have been enjoying two weeks off from our weekly activities.  We have relaxed and also met up with school friends because they were off from school.  In the area where we live, the primary schools have two weeks off in May/June for Whit Half Term.

We had play dates both at our home and their homes and we went to local parks.  One of the parks was really busy but the children still had fun.  I realise just how spoiled we are when the schools are in.

Our Saturday activities were only off for one week because most of the children who attend them go to secondary school.  Secondary schools are only off for one week at this time of the year but then they break up for summer holidays a week earlier than the primary schools do.

We are looking forward to getting our parks and playgrounds back.  Museum trips are also nicer during term time.

Here are some photos of what we have been up to for the past two weeks:

We have been enjoying our own back garden :-) 

We went to a local monastery and spent the day there.  M got to enjoy a workshop with a cartoonist. 

L finished her second year of college (a year early) and these are her 'Well done!' flowers :-) 

We visited "our" horses.  OK, they aren't really *our* horses but you understand my meaning!

Learning can take place at any time and we did a Science experiment and read some living books.