Thursday, 8 September 2016

Not Back to School Week

This week all over England and Wales schools and colleges have gone back into session.  This means that we have our playgrounds and parks back to ourselves again.  No waiting in queues when we go to the museums and art galleries, no waiting in queues for a turn on the zip line or other playground equipment.

Everyone thinks that home educated children are not seeing anyone.  Well, over the summer holidays we go into hibernation and take a real break from things.  In looking over our diary, we have something every day.  This means seven days a week we have somewhere to go, someone to see and something to do!  How is that being isolated?

This was our sight yesterday - our wonderful playground:

It is not the best place to go when schools are out of session because the children who go there are not kindhearted, to say the least.

We enjoy ourselves immensely.  It is a nice wide open space and we play there whenever we can, during term time AND before 3 pm on school days. 

Here is my view because I climbed up in the climbing frame and sat in one of the baskets:

We also went on the swings and the zip line (can't see it in this photo, sorry!) and had unlimited turns without worry of being hassled. :-)