Friday, 18 November 2016

Autumn Term Update!

This term we have been quite busy. We have two monthly clubs that we go to.  One is a Science Club and the other is a Project Club.

We also go to some monthly meetups for people in the area.  At the September session, we had a Science Fair.  For our topic, we did a short presentation on clouds and the water cycle.  We didn't go to the October session because we had family visiting from abroad.

We went to visit a local Tudor home called Ordsall Hall.  It was a really good day.  We got to learn about a day in the life of a rich Tudor and a poor one.  We even got to dress up in period costumes :-) 

In October, we went to a pizza place and had a pizza making workshop: 

We carved a pumpkin which we put on display outside of our home.  This let people know that they could stop at our place for treats on Halloween.

We went to the Hat Museum in November: 

And a certain small cheeky person likes to play practical jokes on me: 

We worked on a small project for Citizenship.  We made and laminated march cards for a brass band: 

We had sparklers in the back garden on Bonfire Night!

We got to go see some films as part of the Into Film Festival that runs from 9th November to 25th November.    We went to four films as part of the festival.  It was fun. 

We met a lovely polar bear named Paula and here is a photo of her with her tree:


We saw our first nativity scene of the season too: 

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing what we have been up to!