Monday, 16 January 2017

Educational Trips and Activities So Far...

I started busily working and preparing for all sorts of meet ups and educational trips for local home educated families to enjoy. 
Due to the nature of some of these trips, there is an age restriction which means that the children need to be at least five years of age.  I'm going to look at some others that will be more inclusive.
So far I have: 
- Booked an RE visit to a local Mosque -
- Booked an appointment for a pre-visit meeting with the Mosque (only for me to go on to plan this educational visit) and had the pre-visit meeting with them.
- Booked a Science Fair - this will be in June.
- Organising three group trips to a local Tudor hall.
- Enquired about and have booked two group visits to a local community farm.
- Enquired about an educational visit to another local Tudor attraction.
- Contacted the local Jewish Museum about a visit.
- Contacted a local Buddhist centre
- Attempted to contact a local Sikh place but the site didn't like my phone number and so the contact request would not go through.
- Enquired about group visits to another local popular museum.
- Working on organising two more fairs - one would is a Geography Fair and the other is an Art Fair.
I am still not finished with ideas for trips and activities watch this space :-)