Thursday, 23 February 2017

100 Days of Home Education

There was a story in the media about home education earlier this month.  This particular family follow a philosophy that is called Autonomous Education which is also known by some as Unschooling.  There are some subtle differences between the two but that is not the focus of today's post.

As a result of this story, there came the idea to use hashtags things like #NotMyHomeEd and #100DaysofHomeEd.  There is a "challenge" on Facebook and Instagram to post a photo or a selection of photos each day of how home education looks for your family with the 100 Days of Home Ed hashtag.

I've decided not to do that on Facebook but to post a few of my favourite photos in a single blog post from the first of September until present day.  Home education for me is about much more than the three Rs,  It's about family, community, academics and more!

We learned that people appreciate things that you do.  This pair of earrings was a lovely surprise from a family who appreciates the trips and groups that I organise for home educators.

We go to a monthly Science Club and this is the project that we did on clouds.  We used cotton balls to make our clouds.

We also did a little experiment to learn about the water cycle.  We placed two of these in different windows to see which one would 'rain' in the cup.

 All work and no play makes for a dull time.  This is our favourite local playground!  :-) 

The next two photos are for a blog post that I did on extracting the colour from leaves.  Hop on over to my other blog, Tales of Education at Home, to read how I did it and how it worked out for me!

This is a photo from my Melting Ice Experiment blog post over at  Tales of Education at Home  we were testing to see what would melt ice fastest, table salt, sugar, or air temperature.

We visited a local Tudor Hall and this is a picture of the peacock pie which was very popular among the wealthy folk in those days.

This is a picture of the bath that they had in Tudor times.  This was a rich person's bath.

The boar's head or pig's head - again another popular food item for the rich.

 This is a statue in the garden.  It is a girl dancing with her cat.

We went on a workshop to a local Pizza Express and we got to make Margherita pizza.   We learned about the history of pizza.

Many people are not fans of Hallowe'en for their own personal reasons.  I grew up with the custom of it and M wants to do it too.  We decided to make a jack-o-lantern in the back garden.

We started a project on World War 1 and this is a replica of a tank from that time.  This was made by local apprentices who are taking college course.

We also learned about volcanoes and M made her own very simple and rough volcano with a paper towel roll and a piece of cardboard.

We went to a film festival and saw four films in four different cinemas!  This was the best photo which is Printworks in Manchester.

I believe in giving something to the community and I teach that to my daughters.  We went to a local supermarket and did some fundraising (playing Christmas carols) for a local hospice.  This was my box that I carried to the supermarket.

We all had t-shirts to wear and M even played a solo or two for us.  She also offered chocolates to the people who donated.

We spent two days going around to eight care homes to play Christmas carols.  In the care homes M and I played this duet on our recorders.  We also used this duet for our monthly Project Club.  Music takes a lot of effort to make.

We made an apple pie on Christmas Day.  It was superb!

M received a collection of nail polish colours for Christmas and she was giving me manicures every day!  This was my New Year's Eve manicure :-)

We went on a tour of the Manchester Central Library Archives and learned that the bee is the symbol of Manchester.  The next photo is the cotton flower as Manchester has a long history in the textile industry.

We celebrated family - a wedding anniversary and a special birthday!

We had a trip to a local Buddhist Centre.  This is a picture of the group getting ready in the main hall for the guided meditation.  The person in orange is the resident monk at the temple.

Music is an important part of our education process.  M plays the recorder and in November she played in a recorder festival and won a trophy!

We went to a local farm and had cuddles with Charlie!  Charlie is a cute little guinea pig.

We have started a theme of Science Club and Project Club projects.  We are doing Alexander Graham Bell.  This is the start of the liquid transmitter and the first prototype of the telephone.  We will make another style of  telephone and M wants to make a smart phone.

This is an experiment that demonstrates capillary action with water and toothpicks.

We went to Manchester Central Library (Archives) again and M wanted to learn about asylums.  This record is from 1891.  We were touching a very old book!

After visiting the Central Library, we went to a nice cafe for lunch and then to the Manchester Art Gallery.

We don't follow term breaks or school hours so our #100DaysofHomeEd will be different to 100 days of school.  We do things seven days a week.  We have more special trips coming up.    We are going back to the Tudor Hall and we will be visiting a mosque, a gurdwara, and a synagogue.  We will be returning to the farm in April to see some babies that are due to arrive then  ๐Ÿ˜  

I have lots of families booking on to these trips. This means that the children are seeing lots of other children and are definitely not hiding! ... Oops!  I mean invisible ๐Ÿ˜‡