Friday, 24 March 2017

March Activity Roundup

The month of March has been a month of trips.  We went on a trip to a local mosque 

We learned how to write our names in Arabic.

We had the chance to dress up in clothes and learn how to pray in a mosque and do ablution before the prayer.

We went to a Sikh Gurdwara and they fed us a wonderful meal.  

We learned to write our names in Punjabi

The  Guru Granth Sahib is treated like a human and is taken from his bed at 03:00 and put in the position on the altar.  The gentleman in the photo above read an excerpt from the Guru Granth Sahib to us.  

We learned so much from our visit to the Gurdwara and we definitely want to go back :-) It was an amazing experience and they were so lovely to us.

We went go to a monthly project club and we showed our telephone models.  The materials we had didn't work very well and they fell apart while we were talking about them!

We went back to the Tudor Hall again as we liked our September visit so much that I decided to arrange another visit.  It was so popular that I had enough people for three groups to visit.  Here are a few photos from our day in early March:

 King Henry VIII has died and we went through a little drama presentation of all of his wives.

Milk jelly and gingerbread (the milk jelly was vegan)

 An eel

 Some food in the kitchen

Rush candle, watering tool, and a hive

M being a spit girl

A horse in the garden (wire sculpture).

The Wedding Feast - rich people, merchants and poor people all at one table.

We worked on hair styling skills: 

We also made a start on our project for our next Project Club session:

We had a concert and a second trip to the Buddhist Temple.  I didn't get any photos that I can share on the blog from the concert but I do have some nice photos from the Buddhist Temple.

We are supposed to focus on the crystal because it is clear and helps us to clear our minds.  It also helps us to visualise the crystal in our belly.

The altar

The monk is getting ready to lead us in a guided meditation.

We started attending a Food Maths class.  During the first session, they made a spinach and cheese tart.  Sadly, I did not get a photo of it. At today's lesson, the children learned how to make Australian Damper Bread.

Mixing flour, sugar, and salt in the bowl.

Cutting up the butter to add to the dry ingredients

 Mixing in the butter chunks with the flour and then we added grated cheese and some milk.

I forgot to take a photo of the finished product before we tucked in so here is a photo of the bread with the end missing :)

We also go to weekly Drama lessons and we are soon having our Easter break from that.   We go to a weekly play meet at a local soft play.  This has been a nice relaxed addition to our schedule. :-)