Wednesday, 17 May 2017

April Activity Roundup

April was a quieter month for us because it was the Easter holidays.  We still managed to squeeze in a fair bit.

We went to our monthly project club where we did a presentation about daffodils, Marie Curie, and St David's Day.

Here is the project board from that:

We even made daffodils to go along with the display board.  Everything tied in together I promise!  The daffodil is the symbol of Marie Curie Cancer Care which is a charity in the UK.  Marie Curie did a lot of research into radiation and her books are in a lead box under lock and key because they are still radioactive to this day, 70 years after her death!  The daffodil and the leek are the emblems of St David's Day which is celebrated in Wales.

We had a tour of a local fire station and got to use the hoses AND try on the firemen's gear!

I can't show any pictures of the children who were there for obvious reasons but we had a full group visit and it was a lot of fun :-)

We went on a Religious Education visit to a local Orthodox church.

We also went back to the local synagogue.  We learned about Passover and it was fantastic!  We even got to try matzos :-)

We went to the Central Library and got to practise handwriting in the style of the Victorians.  The sentence we had to write was 'Children should be seen and not heard.' I certainly don't agree with that statement but I did have fun writing with a pen and quill that I had to dip in the ink pot!  It sure is different from using a ball point pen!

We are working on a local history project that will go on display in the Central Library in their archives section.  M is interested in asylums and so she might make a model of one.  We are going to practise making models of other buildings at home so that she can get some practice in.  We will be soon posting our May roundup!