Monday, 3 July 2017

Local History Project Group

We have been going on a monthly basis to a library in the city centre.  It's the Central Library and it has a very large archives section.  There are several floors of artefacts and records in the Archives section.

Little Miss decided that she wanted to learn more about asylums. She is a  chip off the old block because when I was in my last year of school, I did a project on the provincial hospital for the mentally ill.

We are fortunate enough to handle artefacts both written records and items from the asylum.  It was amazing to handle and see these things.  We were very careful with handling these items.     We were looking at things, and trying to decide what sort of project to do.  One of the ideas that I ran past her was building a model of the asylum.  That would have been difficult because we don't know how long this group is going on for and what materials we'd use.  We only get two hours once a month to visit.

I suggested that she make a lapbook on this and she agreed.  We brought home some resources that we could take copies of the photos we wanted to use.  Today I photocopied the pictures she wanted to use in her lapbook and I printed off the photos that I took of the various records and artefacts that we were allowed to handle.

I had to make two copies of everything because we decided that we would keep a version for our records.  As well, we will use our copy or version for our monthly project club.   She did some writing and so I photocopied her written work for our version and included the original with the one that will go on display.

Each child is doing something different and when everyone is finished, the projects will be on display at the Archives and they will keep our projects.  Eventually they will be archived.

It's very exciting to be part of history like this!  The project as it appears here is not complete and is a work in progress.  She will add more to it on subsequent visits (as I have already mentioned).